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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama to expand school hours and curtail summer vacation

President Obama said American schools should expand their school days in order to stay competitive in a global 21st century. He admitted that the idea will not be popular with his daughters and other American kids.

Students beware: The summer vacation you just enjoyed could be sharply curtailed if President Barack Obama gets his way.

Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe.

Other nations have more school

Obama and Duncan say kids in the United States need more school because kids in other nations have more school.

"Young people in other countries are going to school 25, 30 percent longer than our students here," Duncan told the AP. "I want to just level the playing field."

While it is true that kids in many other countries have more school days, it's not true they all spend more time in school.

Kids in the U.S. spend more hours in school (1,146 instructional hours per year) than do kids in the Asian countries that persistently outscore the U.S. on math and science tests — Singapore (903), Taiwan (1,050), Japan (1,005) and Hong Kong (1,013). That is despite the fact that Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong have longer school years (190 to 201 days) than does the U.S. (180 days).

Just like the communist countries do!  Why does Obama feel the need to be like the other countries and to tie America in with them.  We have always been the leading country and he wants to level the playing field?

If left up to Obama we will be run just like the communist countries! 

Elementary School Singing About President Obama Causes Controversy

A new controversy involving President Obama and school children could be brewing. This one isn't about a speech it's about a song.

SONG: "MM, mm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama. He said that we all must lend a hand To make this country strong again"

This YouTube video of kids at the B. Bernice Young Elementary in Burlington.. New Jersey.. is making headlines on Fox News. In it.. the children are singing about honoring President Obama and praising him for his accomplishments. The school superintendent says the taping was unauthorized. But Fox News says the school didn't address whether the lesson was approved by the district.

Obama belonged to a Socialist Party. New Information has come out confirming that Obama was a member of a radical socialist political party in Chicago called the “New Party,” composed of former Black Panther members. Several documents have confirmed Obama’s membership as recently as 1996. Obama’s supporters have attempted to “scrub” websites clean of this information but fortunately, researchers made copies of it before it disappeared. So far, the media is refusing to cover this story.

Obama continues to hide his past. Obama has continued to block reporters from gaining access to any and all medical, school, and even legislative records from his state senate days. The media should be screaming about this but they are not. This makes Obama the least known presidential candidate in perhaps American history. All of McCain’s records were made available.

The only thing we do know about Obama’s time at Columbia University is that the title of his thesis was “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” but he will not release it. I wonder why.

Michelle Obama has written a racist thesis. Access to Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton was also blocked until recent effort by researchers to gain access to it. I can understand now why access was initially blocked.

In her thesis, Michelle identifies herself as a black separatist and is clearly hostile to the notion of blacks integrating into the larger society with all the evil whites. This is Farrakhan type racism that could have easily been written by a Klansman from a white perspective.

Do you think if Cindy McCain had written a thesis about white separatism, it would be news?

Illegal foreign contributions were pouring into Obama’s campaign at an unprecedented rate. Analysis of Obama’s disclosures revealed he had received around $32 million dollars from overseas, much of it from the Middle East . There are 11,500 foreign donations. 520 of the donors list their country as “IR” which is Iran . He received millions from “Palestinians” and others hostile to US policy. Such contributions are illegal and the Republican Party has asked the FEC to investigate.

Even more alarming is that $190 million of his contributions are unidentified. The donor is not listed. Many donors are clearly using fake names such as “Good, Will.” The problem is that the FEC had no power to freeze Obama’s campaign or even stop him from continuing to receive foreign money.

All that will happen is that Obama might be fined AFTER the campaign is over. With 10% of Obama’s money coming from overseas, this means that for the first time in American history, foreigners will influence the outcome of a presidential election.

Anti-American dictators are praising Obama. Just about every anti-American dictator in the world has issued words of praise for Obama: Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-il, Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez, Libyan dictator, Moammar Qadhafi, and so forth.

Never before in American history have so many enemies of America praised a candidate for the presidency. Not only that, but an array of communist and socialist parties both here and abroad have praised him. Even terrorist groups such as the pro-Al Qaeda HAMAS and the Columbian terrorist group (and heroin producing) FARC have praised him.

And what did Obama promise in return? Such praise and endorsements do not come casually. This means that people representing Obama must have met with these groups and leaders and have promised changes in US policy favorable to them.

Prior to the election: Obama’s extremist friends go into hiding. The Obama campaign is frantically covering up all Obama’s socialist and Marxist connections by keeping his wacko friends away from the press. They just need to keep Americans in the dark for one more month! Moreover, documents that show Obama’s work with extremist groups are disappearing. But I don’t hear our crack reporters yelling “censorship!”

Forced union dues used for Obama. The unions are gearing up for the largest campaign mobilization in US history. We now know that they have allocated over $100 million dollars of forced union dues to a massive independent effort attacking McCain and supporting Obama. On election day, hundreds of thousands of union workers will mysteriously call in sick and will work on getting the vote out for Obama.

Obama had hordes of attorneys ready to challenge votes. We know that the Obama campaign has around 10,000 lawyers volunteering to work on election monitoring. As the Kerry campaign had four years ago, there will once again be an effort to decertify absentee ballots sent in abroad from military personnel, based on petty mistakes often made with such ballots.

Obama registered thousands of illegal aliens. While the Obama campaign works hard to disenfranchise the men and women fighting to protect us from terrorism, at the same time they were working feverishly to register illegal aliens, felons, and the homeless by the hundreds of thousands.

Video clips appeared on You Tube showing the Obama campaign registering illiterate homeless people. Most states do not ask for proof of citizenship to register to vote, so hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens voted for Obama.

The group that has specialized in registering illegal aliens for a decade is, in fact, Obama’s former “community service” group — ACORN. While ACORN has been in legal trouble repeatedly for this work, the Obama campaign contracted them out do to “voter registration.” Wink, wink.

Lots of felons were voting. Not by coincidence, democrat governors and democrat legislators were granting felons the right to vote. A Virginian Democrat governor gave thousands of felons the right to vote. Remember, crime pays! The Governor claims this action had nothing to do with the coming election. Right.

Taxpayers groups were ignored by the media. There are four major taxpayer groups in Washington DC that monitor taxation and spending issues full time. All have now rated Obama as one of the worst senators on tax, spending and pork issues, while also rating McCain as one of the best senators on these issues. All have issued press releases but the media has purposely ignored this story.

The media is protecting Obama to a degree never before seen in presidential campaign history.

From Steve Baldwin

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama to arm African Countries!

Islam has influence on everyday life of Maldivians and African Countries!


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release September 8, 2009
September 7, 2009
Presidential Determination
No. 2009-26
SUBJECT: Eligibility of the Economic Community of Central African States to Receive Defense Articles and Defense Services under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended, and the Arms Export Control Act, as Amended
Pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 503(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and section 3(a)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act, as amended, I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to the Economic Community of Central African States will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.
You are authorized and directed to transmit this determination to the Congress and to arrange for the publication of this determination in the Federal Register.

Now correct me if I am wrong...isn't he the one pushing for americans to not have the right to bear arms.


Give the weapons to the other countries yeah that will increase peace.

And then .....


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release September 8, 2009
September 7, 2009
Presidential Determination
No. 2009-25
SUBJECT: Eligibility of the Maldives to Receive Defense Articles and Defense Services under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended, and the Arms Export Control Act, as Amended
Pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 503(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and section 3(a)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act, as amended, I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to the Maldives will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.
You are authorized and directed to transmit this determination to the Congress and to arrange for its publication in the Federal Register.



Saturday, September 5, 2009

What health-care reform really means

We know, the United States spends more on health care than any other country. And yet ranks behind 18 other industrialized nations in medically preventable deaths. The United States is far down the list and other important categories as well, including the average number of years citizens live a healthy life. Spending more than $1 trillion on health reform may improve these rankings. And yet as Congress and the Obama administration struggled to agree on the nature of reform, it has become harder to understand how the current US system would actually change.

Here is a simple user's guide to understand this little better.

If you all are...

Insured through an employer

It is estimated that 53% of those insured through an employer get health benefits from their job. The current situation, is that employee contributions to job sponsored health coverage have more than doubled in the past decade. Plans, which are tax-free, are often more generous than those available on the open market. But workers can take their coverage with them if they switch jobs or are laid off.

Now how the reform could affect you

The upside;

If all employers are required to offer insurance, employer sponsored plans would never be eliminated. More regulation could reduce the chances that insurers would deny fair claims. A public plan could provide competition in the marketplace and drive down private insurers premiums.

The downside;

Lawmakers are considering taxes on some of the most expensive employee health plans. Thus taxing either employees directly or insurance companies. But insurers are likely to just pass this costs along to consumers, driving up rates. Other taxes could be levied to help cover the poor and the uninsured.

If you all are...

Insured independently, it is estimated that 5% of those insured independently by health insurance on the open market.

The current situation is that people who purchase insurance on their own pay the highest premiums, because they are not in a large risk pool and are evaluated based on their health profile. Choices for coverage’s are limited, and individuals must often buy insurance with after-tax dollars.

How the reform could affect you

The upside;

Regulation could prevent insurers from setting rates based on health or turning people away because of pre-existing conditions. If offered, a public option is likely to be available for individuals from the start. Lower income earners could be eligible for federal subsidies to help them purchase coverage.

The downside...

It’s hard for things to be any worse for people now buying their only insurance on the open market. Nearly all major aspects of reform would make this prospect easier and cheaper.

If you all are...

Insured through a public program, it is estimated that 26% are covered by Medicare, and/or Medicaid.

The current situation, those insured through public program are mostly seniors and many poor Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid to ensure them... for now. Baby boomers will soon stress the Medicare system, while states are struggling to meet Medicaid costs. Senior space, the gap in prescription drug coverage, and low Medicaid reimbursement causes many providers to reject these patients.

How the reform could affect you

The upside...

Pharmaceutical companies have agreed to cut drug prices to help close the prescription drug coverage gap. More Medicare focus on prevention and management of chronic disease could lower the overall cost of the program, ensuring its long-term stability.

The downside...

Lawmakers say increased efficiency could bring down Medicare spending, but they almost certainly would have to reduce coverage as well. Broadening eligibility criteria for Medicaid, which the House is proposing, would increase federal spending dramatically.

If you all are...

The owner of a small business, it is estimated that 62% of firms with three 299 workers offer health benefits.

The current situation for these small business owners is that more and more small businesses are dropping coverage for employees or reducing the proportion of insurance premiums they pay. This saves on cost, but sometimes means losing workers to big companies, which have larger risk pools and therefore can afford to offer more generous benefits.

The upside...

If a public plan exist did, small businesses could buy into it and be included in a larger risk pool, thus driving down the cost of providing coverage to employees. Companies with fewer than 10 or 25 employees, depending on which, if any, congressional proposal becomes law, could be exempted from reform provisions requiring employers to offer health benefits.

The downside...

Midsize companies could still be forced to offer small health benefits. Small businesses that employ low wage workers might have to pay a penalty if their workers receive federal subsidies to buy insurance.

If you are...

Uninsured, the current situation with the uninsured is that 15% lacked any type of coverage. People without insurance typically put off basic medical care and end up in emergency rooms when they get sick. They are often less healthy and more likely to develop chronic diseases, the cost of which must be absorbed by the entire healthcare system.

The upside...

Expansion of the Medicaid program could cover large ranks of the uninsured. Those forgoing insurance now because of the cost could be eligible for federal subsidies to purchase private insurance or buy into a public health insurance plan. That is if one existed.

The downside...

If the government requires individuals to have insurance, but does not require employers to provide it, the working uninsured will have to shop for insurance on their own. Plus some would be too poor to buy insurance, but not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or a government subsidy.

The way the big players see it:

The insurance companies

Private insurers are making healthy profits now, but know they will lose a sizable chunk of customers when baby boomers move into the Medicare system. Insurers make money by setting rates based on the help of enrollees and turning down individuals with expensive pre-existing conditions.

What they like; current reforms proposals could require all Americans to get health coverage, giving insurers a huge pool of potential new customers.

What they don't like; any government run health plan could glue or Americans away from private insurance. Plus, new regulations could prohibit insurers from rejecting anyone for coverage or basing rates on health risk. To generate revenues and discourage overuse of health care, insurers could be taxed on some high in employer-based health plans.

The hospitals

Many community hospitals operate on thin margins, in part because of the low cost of Medicaid reimbursements and the expense of treating the uninsured. Emergency rooms are overflowing, and many hospitals are struggling to deal with outdated record-keeping systems.

What they like; federal investigations in information technology could help hospitals, modernize medical record-keeping. Getting coverage for the uninsured would mean hospitals could cut down on charity care. Tighter regulations on physician ownership of hospitals would benefit nonprofit community hospitals.

What they don't like; a public health insurance plan, which Congress is considering, today's reimbursement rates on Medicare, which pays less than private insurers. Hospitals can see gradual reductions in the hardship payments they receive to provide charity care, but which they use to cover other shortfalls.

The doctors

Dr. stays high malpractice insurance cost and a port system that encourages them to perform more tests and services rather than fewer, in order to avoid lawsuits. Low reimbursement rates have also led to a 30% shortage of primary care providers nationwide.

What they like; loan forgiveness programs for medical students who go into primary care, could he ease the shortage of their. Reimbursement reforms under discussion could reward doctors for keeping patients healthy rather than paying them based on services provided.

What they don't like; since the goal of health care reform is to lower the cost of healthcare overall, some doctors could see their incomes drop. A greater focus on prevention efforts, many of which do not require medical intervention, could also leave doctors with less to do and therefore reduce their pay in the process.

The health care plans;

There is a plan that is called a fee for service; what it means; we paid for medical services individually, each time we see a doctor and for every test or procedure he orders.

What you need to know; by providing more services, doctors and hospitals can charge more, which drives up health care costs. The all a cart structure also makes it hard to keep track of the total bill.

There is a plan called the Cadillac plan; what it means is a hyena platinum, often paid for by an employer, that covers most medical needs at little cost to the patient.

What you need to know; because consumers don't directly pay for services, they tend to overuse them. Congress is considering taxing these plans to generate revenue.

There is a plan called the public plan; what it means is a government run health plan that would compete with private ones on cost. What you need to know; a public plan could leverage its volume into lower costs and premiums, but critics claim it could put private insurers out of business.

And then there is the rationed care program; it means the claim that in a public plan bureaucrats will decide the quantity and quality of the care you receive.

What you need to know; it's the bogeyman that those opposed to major reform like to conjure up, but none of the reform proposals anticipates such a consequence.

Friday, September 4, 2009

President to Give Speech to Our Children

Now my understanding is that the President wants to address each and every student regarding the importance of staying in school and getting a great education.
The controversy that is going on over whether this should happen or not is based on things that have already happened with Obama. Number one in almost every speech that he gives, he never stays on that particular speech.
An example of that, he was giving a speech regarding the health care reform bill, and the next thing you know, he was talking about the stupid cops and that of course started a controversy.

There have been many instances when Barack Obama has been either on a television show or any talk type show, where he has made inappropriate comments. These comments have led people to believe that he could possibly be a racist. Now I’m not saying this is the case, but I'm also not saying that it's not. I have read his books, and I've read the things that he has written in his books. And in one of his books in particular, he talks about how school was not important to him and that picking sides and to “quote” him the black side was what he had to do. That is what he chose to do.

So my question, is his speech going to be lie in front of our children, talking about staying in school and the importance of it. But what if he vears off in a different direction? Also ask the question, this is the leader of the United States, telling our children, what is best for them rather than allowing the parents to do the parenting.

But what would he say if the child were to ask him what he thinks about smoking? We are trying to bring up kids that should be taught not to smoke and should be taught that it's not healthy for them. But yet, the president of the United States smokes. Now don’t get me wrong, that's his choice and if that's what he chooses to do there's nothing wrong with that. But in the same token, he can turn around and tell kids what's right and what's wrong when he doesn't fall those policies himself.

My concern as a parent is very simple and basic, If President Barack Obama stays on the subject about teaching the kids how important it is to get a good education. And the importance of getting a decent job to be to make decent money to the you can survive in this world, that will be great.

However, what I see as an adult, is a President, who is spending our money, who is putting us in debt for the quote good of the country, and yet millions of people at this point are losing their homes or jobs, their cars or stability.

These are people who went to school, who got a good education who went to college and who succeeded. Not just the poor. Now that’s not Obama's fault.

But is he making it better? I don't see it that way, what I see us going further in debt. What I see is the attitude of it's his way or no way. I find that Obama can speak very eloquently, and he can tickle your ears.. But if you dare question or disagree, then he becomes like another person.

Given the fact that the President was a junior senator and that's as far up in the political world he went before becoming president, given the history of his level of expertise, I would say at this point, he has his hands full just trying to run the country much less being worried about telling our kids what they should do what they should do.

Now I want you to hear me on is this; If Obama makes a speech to our kids and he speaks to the importance of staying in school and getting an education I am all for it. But as I stated I'm concerned that he vears away from that platform and subliminally put thoughts and ideas into our kids.

I say it this way because elementary school kids, junior high kids and even most of the high school kids don't really understand what's going, on their not at voting age. Their not paying attention, they still live at home and their parents take care of them. So this is of little concern for them.

So if Obama turns this into, maybe you should go into the military, maybe you should fight for your country, maybe you should vote for me in 2012.
If he turns this into his own political platform, which as stated, he is done manyy many times in the past the that is just wrong.

My thoughts on this, it reminds me of hunting, when you’re hunting, you hunt for the week, if you're a bully you pick on the smaller kids. Now being that Obama has not been doing too well with the adults and even the adults who voted for him, Isn’t it ironic that now he wants to speak to her children.

And the thing that gets me is that he wants to do this in a situation where the parents are not there. This will be broadcast during the day, while the children are in school. I think that's why so many parents have a problem with this, because we won't be there to say yeah that's a good point or no no no no let's turn this off. I for myself as a parent monitor what my children watch on TV. And now they're going to go to school and be forced to watch something from somebody that I don't totally agree with at this point that I don't see helping this country that I don't respect at this moment and he is going to be telling my child what he feels.

Yes, I have a problem that. My understanding is that after the broadcast. He has recommended that all students write an essay discussing how each student can help the president. Doesn’t that sound like reverse psychology? It just seems to me that there's more to this agenda than what's being proposed.

Let's keep one thing in mind, before Obama became president, while he was running, there was the big blowup over Reverend Wright, who Obama then denounced and said he didn't know that Reverend Wright was that way. And yet he was with that church for two decades. He was more than just a member. He was very active in the church during those 20 years. I'd have to question was Obama just sick every day that Reverend Wright gave his racist sermons?

Not to try bring all this up and cause more dissension among everybody, because I know you think this….I think that and I am not trying to stir up contentions. However, I think that issue here is that Obama says things in then takes them back or he says something and he says what he mean it that way.

You can not do that when you're dealing with children, because it sticks in their head, and they remember it. Reminds me of what Dr. Phil says, it takes a lot of “atta” boys to make up for one bad boy.

If Obama makes a comment that should not be made, and we know that he has a history of doing this and it affects the children….

That's not something that can just be erased. That's why I think that it's important that children do not see this at school, but actually have the opportunity to watch it with her parents. That way, we are there with them, and we can teach them and talk with them and discuss with them how they feel and take it from that point.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Clean Blood Off Your Clothes |

How to Clean Blood Off Your Clothes |

Shared via AddThis

Health Care bill messing with "best system"

"Obama's health care plan will be written by a commitee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a congress that hasn't read it, whose members will be exempt from it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a treasury chief who evaded his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country this is broke"

Now, we can laugh at this, but you know, if you stop and think about it, it could also make you cry because as you are aware as I that no one in congress understands the entire bill.

It is impossible.  From front to back, the document is couched in Government jargon.  However, you and I both know that when Congress stared pushing the bill that:

  1. The majority of our representatives had not read it and consequently...

  2. They had no idea what was in it, and...

  3. They knew they were exempt from it.

Given the third point, it is obvious why they were indifferent to the first two points.
Hey, we're just stupid and ignorant beasts of the field out here.  They're imprortant: they're congressmen (at least until 2010)

I don't see how anyone can argue those points, nor this fourth one: OUR PRESIDENT SMOKES. 

Of course, smoking is his own choice. It's no skin off my nose if he wants to savage his body like that, but he has a lot of gall to insist he knows what's best for millions of American's while abusing his own body. 

And then he wants our "troops" to no longer be able to smoke while in the field?

On top of all this, we cannot dispute the fact the Treasury Chief Geithner did not pay his 2001-2004 taxes in the amount of $43,100.00, or that the surgeon general from Alabama is over-weight.

What our president has given us is a collection of administrators with little or no self-discipline to tell us what to do.

Excuse me for saying it, but thats like naming Bonnie and Clyde co presidents of the First National Bank and entrusting them with the bank customers money.

So to make this point #7, at 9:42 am August 20th, 2009 the U.S. Debt was $11,731,591,419,387 and growing  over $100,000 every five seconds.  The comes out in excess of $38,000 for each American, not counting the other people who aren't counted.

And then we have the trillions of the health care bill to add to this.

Now I hear from the media that the Democrats are tired of trying to come up with a bi-partisan bill.   There's talk they'll go it alone, using the strong-arm tactic or "reconciliation,"

a political technique allowing a group to bend the rules enought to pass a bill.


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