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Friday, September 4, 2009

President to Give Speech to Our Children

Now my understanding is that the President wants to address each and every student regarding the importance of staying in school and getting a great education.
The controversy that is going on over whether this should happen or not is based on things that have already happened with Obama. Number one in almost every speech that he gives, he never stays on that particular speech.
An example of that, he was giving a speech regarding the health care reform bill, and the next thing you know, he was talking about the stupid cops and that of course started a controversy.

There have been many instances when Barack Obama has been either on a television show or any talk type show, where he has made inappropriate comments. These comments have led people to believe that he could possibly be a racist. Now I’m not saying this is the case, but I'm also not saying that it's not. I have read his books, and I've read the things that he has written in his books. And in one of his books in particular, he talks about how school was not important to him and that picking sides and to “quote” him the black side was what he had to do. That is what he chose to do.

So my question, is his speech going to be lie in front of our children, talking about staying in school and the importance of it. But what if he vears off in a different direction? Also ask the question, this is the leader of the United States, telling our children, what is best for them rather than allowing the parents to do the parenting.

But what would he say if the child were to ask him what he thinks about smoking? We are trying to bring up kids that should be taught not to smoke and should be taught that it's not healthy for them. But yet, the president of the United States smokes. Now don’t get me wrong, that's his choice and if that's what he chooses to do there's nothing wrong with that. But in the same token, he can turn around and tell kids what's right and what's wrong when he doesn't fall those policies himself.

My concern as a parent is very simple and basic, If President Barack Obama stays on the subject about teaching the kids how important it is to get a good education. And the importance of getting a decent job to be to make decent money to the you can survive in this world, that will be great.

However, what I see as an adult, is a President, who is spending our money, who is putting us in debt for the quote good of the country, and yet millions of people at this point are losing their homes or jobs, their cars or stability.

These are people who went to school, who got a good education who went to college and who succeeded. Not just the poor. Now that’s not Obama's fault.

But is he making it better? I don't see it that way, what I see us going further in debt. What I see is the attitude of it's his way or no way. I find that Obama can speak very eloquently, and he can tickle your ears.. But if you dare question or disagree, then he becomes like another person.

Given the fact that the President was a junior senator and that's as far up in the political world he went before becoming president, given the history of his level of expertise, I would say at this point, he has his hands full just trying to run the country much less being worried about telling our kids what they should do what they should do.

Now I want you to hear me on is this; If Obama makes a speech to our kids and he speaks to the importance of staying in school and getting an education I am all for it. But as I stated I'm concerned that he vears away from that platform and subliminally put thoughts and ideas into our kids.

I say it this way because elementary school kids, junior high kids and even most of the high school kids don't really understand what's going, on their not at voting age. Their not paying attention, they still live at home and their parents take care of them. So this is of little concern for them.

So if Obama turns this into, maybe you should go into the military, maybe you should fight for your country, maybe you should vote for me in 2012.
If he turns this into his own political platform, which as stated, he is done manyy many times in the past the that is just wrong.

My thoughts on this, it reminds me of hunting, when you’re hunting, you hunt for the week, if you're a bully you pick on the smaller kids. Now being that Obama has not been doing too well with the adults and even the adults who voted for him, Isn’t it ironic that now he wants to speak to her children.

And the thing that gets me is that he wants to do this in a situation where the parents are not there. This will be broadcast during the day, while the children are in school. I think that's why so many parents have a problem with this, because we won't be there to say yeah that's a good point or no no no no let's turn this off. I for myself as a parent monitor what my children watch on TV. And now they're going to go to school and be forced to watch something from somebody that I don't totally agree with at this point that I don't see helping this country that I don't respect at this moment and he is going to be telling my child what he feels.

Yes, I have a problem that. My understanding is that after the broadcast. He has recommended that all students write an essay discussing how each student can help the president. Doesn’t that sound like reverse psychology? It just seems to me that there's more to this agenda than what's being proposed.

Let's keep one thing in mind, before Obama became president, while he was running, there was the big blowup over Reverend Wright, who Obama then denounced and said he didn't know that Reverend Wright was that way. And yet he was with that church for two decades. He was more than just a member. He was very active in the church during those 20 years. I'd have to question was Obama just sick every day that Reverend Wright gave his racist sermons?

Not to try bring all this up and cause more dissension among everybody, because I know you think this….I think that and I am not trying to stir up contentions. However, I think that issue here is that Obama says things in then takes them back or he says something and he says what he mean it that way.

You can not do that when you're dealing with children, because it sticks in their head, and they remember it. Reminds me of what Dr. Phil says, it takes a lot of “atta” boys to make up for one bad boy.

If Obama makes a comment that should not be made, and we know that he has a history of doing this and it affects the children….

That's not something that can just be erased. That's why I think that it's important that children do not see this at school, but actually have the opportunity to watch it with her parents. That way, we are there with them, and we can teach them and talk with them and discuss with them how they feel and take it from that point.

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