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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Commercials that Influence our Thoughts

As parents we try to block our children from the things they experience. Television is probably our worst enemy with that. We can block TV shows by blocking the ratings and we can protect our children to a point..but then what about the commercials that air between the show the child is allowed to watch?

You cannot block the commercials they are watching, no not even Disney or Nick at Night monitor the commercials they run. Lets face it is about money.

So here are just a few commercials I would like to bring to your attention. I say bring to attention as we see so much in this world that we become immune to things and really don't understand how the subliminal messages get in. Then we wonder why children become nasty, uncaring adults. It is bad enough that there are no consequences and discipline as become a thing of the past, but why add injury to insult. Read on and you will understand.

Twix: The commercial shows someone either saying something wrong, thinking something wrong, or doing something wrong. It then goes on to say "Need a moment?" Lets look at this...really it is saying "dude, you just got caught, hurry up and come up with a lie." The commercial then pauses everyone else why the person in the wrong comes up with a lie to cover what they were doing...the others then UN-freeze, and the lie is told.

What are we teaching our kids? Not only does the person do something wrong with no consequence but then he lies and gets away with that also, thus saying that lying is also OK!

M&M's: We start of with the green M&M (no coincidence as we all have heard the green one makes you horny) she is in high heels and appearing to be sexy. The other (assumingly male) M&M's are filming as she seduces them and they stand there quivering and sweating from lust.

I don't know about you but that does not make me what to buy M&M's. When we get to the point that we have to sell Candy to children by means of sexual content you have to wonder what is going on here. Kids love candy and do not need to see this. In fact just wait until your younger child asks you what the commercial means or why the Green M&M is acting that way.

Green M&M

How about the new quizno's torpedo commercial? Starts with the hot oven talking to the employee who is holding a long torpedo sandwich..."Hey, Kevin put it in me, you know what I am talking about." Kevin replies "no last time I got burned". "Oh come on Kevin you know you like it".....

Now I don't know about you...but I am not in the mood for a penis sandwich or something that makes my mind think of that. Come on, a sexy oven wants something put into it. Can you see the subliminal message here? What do you think your kids think? I wrote Quizno's by going onto their site and told them what I felt about this.
Sandwich looks good and should sell itself without sex...Now think of same sandwich in the context they are selling it in.
Want a bite now?


Now there are so many more commercials that do this...Pay attention...Get your conscience back on track...Don't be seared to the point of not seeing what is right in front of your face and not to mention what your children are watching.
STAND UP...say I don't agree with this!
Write the companies and complain!

We also live in a country the is "sue happy". Notice how every other commercial is stating: did you take this drug, do you get injured...? There is a law suit for that. Come join us in suing everyone and every business. Now keep in mind (as our small print says) we will sue in your behalf and we will keep the majority of the money won if any for our part and the balance will be split evenly among the 100,000 or more plaintiffs.

Do the math here: You win the lawsuit and settle for 150,000, the attorneys take 30% for their fee and additional 50% for costs and that leaves a small balance out of the original $150,000 to be split amongst 100,000 people. Who wins here? If a person has been seriously injured they should be the one getting the full amount so they can survive on it.

Just my thoughts for the day!


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