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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Constitutional Rights?
You have the right to remain silent!

I don't know about you but I refuse to be silent when injustice is effecting me. I have had enough of being told we live in a free country and then being told what to do all the time.
I have lived in other countries and yes we do have a great place to live, however the ones in "charge" take many of your freedoms away.
Let's just look at a few things....Please add more if you think of any in the comment section of this blog.

1. It is the law that you must have insurance on your vehicle. Now that is great if you so choose to do so...but you do not have the choice on this.
Well I guess you do if you would like to take on the $500.00 + fine that comes if caught. Now I personally do not wish to be hit by someone who is not insured, however I also do not care that the U.S. tells me I have to have it. Being on a disability it is very hard to pay for this each month. And the government or state you live in ...will not give you help on this. You are told..."you do not need a vehicle if you cannot pay for the insurance". Well I do need a vehicle as I have doctor appts. at least twice a week and with my disability I cannot take public transportation. Given that I am still told the same thing. The question here is this: How is it that you are required by law to have insurance and yet state by state the prices are different?
Example: I lived in New Mexico and paid $56.00 a month for extreme full coverage. Now living in Texas I have the absolute minimum and it costs me $58.00 a month? If the government is imposing this law then they should impose a cap on the amount insurance companies can take from you!
As a second point, I have been driving for 27 years, never had an accident and still am required by law to carry insurance.

How is it that the government can force you to pay out money from your own pocket all the time?

That brings me to my next point:

2. We are required to pay taxes that come directly out of our paycheck, with the remaining money after taxes you are then taxed on everything you buy. The government is the one who gets all of this money.

So the question is: why are we being taxed over and over on the same money?

Example: Pay check is for $1000.00 the government takes approx. 18% leaving me with just over $800.00. I then pay my rent (which I also have to pay property taxes on) thus paying double on that also. I then pay my bills all of which have "state tax" government tax etc attached to them. Again I am paying double plus. Now I need a new pair of shoes and yes once again I am taxed. You can see how this goes. If I do the math on my $1000.00 check and I deduct all the taxes that I pay after my "regular taxes" have been taken, I figure I pay (8.5% tax on purchases) out about:
  • $200.00 right off the top

  • $ 30.00 8.5% purchases
  • $ 100.00 taxes on Phone bill, gas, water, electric etc.
  • $ 100.00 to pay property taxes (monthly amount)
  • $ 50.00 Misc purchases

And this is per month...times that by 12 = $5760 Per year. At the end of the year I do my taxes...based on what I made I am required to pay X amount and hopefully I have already paid that in and will get a small refund. However I do not get to deduct many of the above "double" taxes.

Anyone else what to "remain silent" on this? And yet with all of that paid to the government...our country is in major debt.


3. How about the fact that you are required to wear a seat belt? Or of course pay the fine if you are not. Now unlike insurance...if I choose to not wear a seat belt...I get in an accident..I am only hurting myself and no one else. So were is my freedom to choose how to live (or die).

It is done in the "we are protecting you" theory and yet the real truth is is just one more right taken away from you so that the government can give you a fine and keep the money.

4. How about your property? If you own you are told (depending on where you live) what type of house can be there, no mobiles allowed etc. There are neighborhoods where you cannot have certain types of dogs, some you cannot have livestock etc. The state will even come by and fine you if your grass is to high. I ran into a problem when I lived in New Mexico. I had a van in great condition on my property but I needed a new battery to start it. The state came around, knocked on my door (on an acre of land) and told me I had to prove to them that the van would work and was not just some "eye sore" sitting there? What? I had to run out and get a battery, then drive the van to their location to prove that it would run. On top of that it was not a beater broke down vehicle, there were no flats, no dents nothing. Had I not shown that it would run they were going to tow it away and sell it and I would be fined $800.00, what a bunch of crap.

A few months later while having a garage sale an officer approached me with my "garage sale" sign in his hand and told me it was illegal to post signs and that if I did not get the rest down within the hour I would be fined $500.00. What is this about? I guess I should be happy at least I could have a sale other places would not let you even have a garage sale to begin with.

Another time I had the "yard patrol cops" come by they looked at my back field and told me I had to get out there and mow it. Now keep in mind I lived in the desert and there was no grass. I had just whacked all the bushes out and at the time it was maybe 4 inches high in spots. Again I was told that I had until the next day to get this done or again I would be fined.

The point: Where does the government or state get off telling us how to keep up our yards that we pay for. What we are allowed to have on them. What type of animals we are allowed...etc.


5. This should probably be under my "taxes" info above, but I decided to put it separately because of personally am tired of being taxed for "school tax". I do not have children, never have and have no plans of having any. Why am I being taxed for "schools" then? When I mentioned this to my sister not only did she agree but she stated.."once your children are past the age of going to school then the parent should not be taxed from that point on". Good point, but it is just a point because guess what...I was taxed an additional $58.00 on my property taxes for "school tax".

6. I know own property in Texas and have a little over an acre. Just this past fourth of July there was a burn ban and we were told we could not shoot of fireworks that were not controllable or that shot up in the sky. Ok no problem, I went out and bought small firecrackers, sparklers and sparklers that set on the ground and "sparkled" about 4 ft. high. I had my hose handy on my property and guess what! Along comes officer Joe Blow and tells us that we are not allowed to light anything that makes an explosion! What? Nothing that makes noise! City he says what if there is a fire...well that is what the hose is here for. However he does tell us that we can go outside the city to the county and shoot off whatever we want.

Now...lets see, there is a burn ban as everything is super dry (especially in the county) here I am on my property that I pay for with a garden hose and being safe....Yet I am told to go out to the county with no hose, no way of putting anything out...and guess what if I did catch someone on fire not only would I get fined and have to pay for the damages, but the fire would spread to the city anyways....?????

So much for my rights!

Well I could add so much more and I am sure you are thinking of many things that violate your freedom to. But here is the thing...we need to stand up for what we believe in, we need to stop letting the government govern our personal lives. We need to be free to live on our own property and be left alone....

The only way this is going to take place is for all of us to say:

I Never Said That! I Never agreed to that! Lets petition our government and stop allowing all these "laws" to come into effect by "secret vote".

Ever wonder how all of these laws came to be? I never saw a ballot where I could vote on this stuff...It just happened and now we are to follow.

I am not a follower....I do not want to lead...I just want justice and for all of us to enjoy the FREEDOM we are promised.


1 comment:

  1. I understand your frustration. Under the Democrats, expect your taxes to go up. With all they are spending, they will have to raise taxes to pay for it.

    As to the law making you wear a seat belt. It can be said that the seat belt law protects the other people on the road, because it keeps you behind the wheel and better able to control the vehicle during accidents and during the events that lead up to accidents.


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