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Sunday, July 5, 2009

What? Who said this?

Here I go, thinking of the crazy things we are told to believe in. Like, who came up with the idea that women are to shave their legs and under their arms? Yet men walk around hairy as can be with pit hair to their knees and that is acceptable?

Who came up with that? It had to be a man and yet...they also came up with, It is unlawful to walk around naked. Isn't it men who have the big fetish with boobs? It really doesn't make much sense that we have to cover up in public and yet I have seen many men with boobs bigger than most women. Shouldn't they have to cover up? And lets not get into the speedo thing, ever seen a "LARGE" man in a speedo? There should be a law against that.

If you can see all the goodies anyways...why bother?

Or worse yet a Hairy man in speedos.

Where is my freedom and independence to walk around shirtless? Ironic?

The nipple can be showing! What, are men nippleless?

Then there is the "men are the stronger ones"? Yeah, lets see them have cramps just for one month or better yet let them carry the baby and give birth. Get real, being so strong why do the cry like babies when the simply get sick?

Now I am not man bashing as I love them, but come on, without us they would never make it. You know its true.

Remember being told that you have to be in by 10 and yet your brother could stay out all night? Why, because you might get pregnant? HUH!

Isn't it ironic that Obama said he would get the country out of debt and yet he threw a huge inaguration for himself spending millions?

Obama stated that he would help the little people, by what raises taxes on tobacco? You know he can afford it!

Charging small companies extra $$$ based on miles used per year.
I recently had some plumbing done on my "money Pit" and the plumber told me they companies are being taxed $10.00 for every mile they go over with company trucks. He said that would not affect them as they would raise the quote for the job. Guess who pays for that?

Let freedom ring!

Then there is faith and belief...ever go to a church and disagree? Watch out you may have "the devil" in you. We are no longer allowed to question without being pushed out. We are to stay in the box, well I say no more.

I never agreed to agree with your views and I don't expect you to believe in mine. Can't we agree to disagree and just live.

You probably think by now I am a bitter person or just angry, but the truth is I just say it like I see it, maybe we all should do that.

Stand up and say "I never said that, I never agreed to that"!

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