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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pedophil Paradise

In case anyone is not familiar with the word or definition of:
n. An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children. The following link will explain in detail more of the Profile of a Pedophile.

So what is this blog referring to?
The Internet is a Pedophil's playgound and a Paradise for the sick and demented.

Let's check out My Space for a moment! This following commentary is not to say that all of My Space is bad or that all people who use My Space is bad, but rather to point out the problems with your children being on these sites.

I went onto My Space the other day and set up a profile in hopes of exchanging ideas for my blog and to share with others. What I found was shocking. First thing I noticed while "browsing" for friends is that regardless of what age or group of people I searched for...Most all had provocative pictures on their profiles. When I opened a few profiles I could not believe the content that was allowed. Pictures of basically nude people, trying to seduce each other to write and hook up. Titles that were either straight pornographic or utterly repulsive in language. I saw pictures of people flipping each other off, pictures of people drinking, pictures of people smoking (not cigs) etc.

Apparently My Space does not monitor anything. In fact when I set up my account although I was asked for my birthday (to prove I was 18 or older) they just took me at my word. Anyone can go in and make up anything and log on. You also are asked what you are looking for...straight, gay, bi..not sure...

I then decided to do a little research and just typed search for female age 18. Over 3000 profiles came up and I must say most of the girls looked much younger.
The first one I looked at:

This girl can't be but about 15 tops, her friends that are listed look to be about 12-15 (check it out) Now I did not find anything "bad" on her site, however I do know what she looks like, how tall she is, her basic size and that she lives in Hawaii. However it does say that she has 33 friends but only about 6 show up,...the rest are "private".

Just makes me wonder how many "older" men have contacted her and are talking with her?

Here is the next one:
I added the picture as you cannot see her face.
Her title: Changed and ready 4 something new.

She has a sexual IQ test on her site.
She lives in Atlanta Georgia....etc.

I think you get my point here. Parents check your child's site. Don't let things be private, personally I would not let any child post on here.

So then I decided to flip the script and check out the men on My Space. The above link regarding the profile of a pedophile states they are generally in their 30's and up, so I decided to check this out and even started from age 50 and up.

Here is what I found:

Many older men looking for "just friends or someone to go to a movie or dinner with". Now there is nothing wrong with that, however I had to question why so many that I looked at had pictures of very young "friends" on their friend list. On My Space you have to contact a person and then if they choose they will add you as a friend.

Why would a man put a 13-18 year old girl as their friend on their page? Really what do they have in common? What are they talking about?

I was raised by a pedophile who finally got caught and I can honestly say I can pretty much pick them out of a crowd. Not to say I go around pointing the finger, but lets just say when you have dealt with this you can tell most of the time.

Also keep in mind that it is not just Men looking for girls, the shoe goes on the other foot also.

My point to all of this? Parents need to invest a little more time in what their kids are doing. I bet any amount of money that the numerous "young girls" profiles that I looked at are being viewed by many others who are not there for the research.

If you parents really knew who your kids were talking to you would be shocked.

And the sad thing is...My Space is just one avenue for Pedophiles to cruise.

Just the other day I was looking for pictures of "men in speedos" for my other blog...type that in under pictures!
When your kids are on the Internet they can look at anything! And I mean anything!
It is time to stand up and be heard....

I Didn't say I wanted my kids to be stalked!
I didn't say I wanted my kids to be exposed to porn!
I didn't say I wanted my children to grow up to soon!
Time to get tough and speak heard!

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