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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just quietly thinking

I find myself saying the same things my parents would say to me and wonder why we do this. I swore I would never say "I walked in the snow up to my eyeballs just to get to school and by the time I got there school was over". And yet here I am saying things about the "Good Old days" of my youth, yet was it really that good or was it just better than what we live in now? We reminisce about days long gone yet if we truly think back we couldn't wait to grow up and get out of that time frame.

Now we live in the same country and some of us have never even moved around, yet everything around us is very different. We have no security, most people are afraid, even if they won't admit it. We are constantly on the run then to wore out to enjoy the little free time we do have. What is going on here?

"Scotty beam me up!" seems to be a true statement for most of us. We live in a world that doesn't feel right. Who ever said we have to all be the same? Who said we should all feel the same? Who said we should all believe the same? Ironically all this comes from our government who we "freely" voted for just to have our hands tied once we checked off the name on the ballot. Anyone regretting your vote now?

Does anyone really feel like they are able to have freedom of speech? Does the constitution have any effect on any of us anymore?

I never said I wanted my taxes to be increased. I never said I wanted my hands tied on how to discipline children. I never said I want to struggle in this world and barely make ends meet.


My thoughts with this blog will just be how I see things on a daily basis and how I view things. Most will be comedy as I find this world is becoming a joke, "A Bad Joke" but still a joke. The only difference is we can't just get up and walk out of the club. It is time we all stood up and spoke our is time we take our rights back, it is time that we have the say so and not words and ideas put into our heads.

I never said that...

will voice what we all do want to say and allow us to show the falseness in "well you said that!" "NO, I Never Said that!

Now I will daily defend what I believe and SAY What I want....Want to join me?

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