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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A little about me

I got to thinking last night after writing the first of my blog that I did not introduce myself. So let me try to explain or describe my self and thinking. I am 43 and not just some young person writing to vent. I am single and female and am on a disability which really sucks. The reason I decided to write this is , is difficult for all of us and we all have opinions and ideas that might just make life a little easier if they were implemented. However for something to be put into motion we must discuss and put the idea on the table. Being that I have past my rebellious teenage years I am not just here to say "Hey listen to me", but rather to speak for many people. Why do I say that? How many people out there reading this feel...
1. Let down
2. Lower class
3. Not heard
4. Invisible
5. Tired
7. Angry
8. Afraid....

You get the point, we all have feelings that we need to be heard. And not just heard but it is time to do something about this. Our society is so messed up with every type of mental problem imaginable and them some. We are labeled ...OCD...ADD...ADHD..Depressed...Suicidal...Personality disorders...Anxiety...Stress..
This list goes on and on also.

I wonder if we would have all of this if the government didn't have our hands tied.

Do you really think our prisons would be so full if parents were allowed to discipline their children?

Wait I will save that for later, let me go back to explaining who I am. I am just like everyone else and yet feel like no one understands me. I live off of Social Security Disability and receive $859.00 a month, YES you read that right. How the heck do I do this? I ask myself this same question. I have to live off $10,300 for the entire year! Anyone else relate to this? Now SSA is saying there will be no more cost of living raises. And yet just a few days ago I watched a program on top paid celebrities...Tom Cruise made 20 million for one picture?

Anyone else see a problem here. I am not saying he did not work "hard" but 20 million while the rest of us can barely buy food and yes we work just as hard if not harder. Sports figures are playing a sport they love and lets face it is just a game. And yet they are complaining the 5 million a year or whatever the amount is not enough! And lets look at this they only play for a few months a year!

Anyways there I go again, as you can see my blog will jump all over the place and will not be in "order" as my brain bounces all over with thoughts. So back to me...My sister and I recently purchased a mobile home "the money pit", we live together with her youngest son as this is the only way we can survive. With combining our money we are able to pay the $175.00 electric bill, the $168.00 Home insurance, the "required by law car insurance" (that you get no help for) and of course there is the phone bill, cable, water, garbage and sewage...etc.

No we do not have misc. bills, we are not spenders, we are not in debt and we do not as "Oprah" says have bills we can shave off and save money. We live month to month and hope that we have enough to get by with.

Now please don't read this wrong, I am not saying OH poor me...Just letting you know who is doing the writing here and hoping that some of you can relate!
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